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Alongwith our mission to create beautiful Healthy Smiles, we also try to help our patients as well as the community in various other possible ways. With that intent, we are pleased to present to you the India Fuel Cost Calculator. 

Simply enter the daily distance travelled by you in Kms and hit the Calculate button and we do rest of the calculations for you. The mileage and fuel costs are aproximate and indicative. You are free to change them and calculate the costs accordingly.

Keeping in mind the rising fuel prices, we are confident you would find this calculator helpful for you to make informed decisions regarding your daily commute.

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Fuel Cost Calculator

Distance travelled daily in Kms:    
Distance travelled monthly (assuming 23 work days) in Kms:
Daily fuel costs in Rs: Petrol: 
Monthly fuel costs in Rs: Petrol: 
Diesel:      CNG:  
Kms / Litre (Mileage of vehicle):
Cost of Petrol / Litre in Rs.:
Daily travel cost for Petrol in Rs.:
Monthly travel cost for Petrol in Rs.:
Kms / Litre (Mileage of vehicle):
Cost of Diesel / Litre in Rs.:
Daily travel cost for Diesel in Rs.:
Monthly travel cost for Diesel in Rs.:
Kms / Kg (Mileage of vehicle):
Cost of CNG / Kg in Rs.:
Daily travel cost for CNG in Rs.:
Daily travel cost for CNG in Rs.:

Disclaimer: We have created this calculator with the sole intent to help you quickly calculate your fuel costs. We are not experts in this field and do not keep track of the mileages and fuel costs. We should not be held responsible for any loss that may arise out of use of this calculator.