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Nothing speaks louder than personal experience. On this page, we turn up the volume and let patients speak about their experience at our dental clinic.

I had three implants done at Prachi Patil's Professional Dental Care. It was very easy and a good job done. The treatment right from putting in the implants till i got my crowns was very well planned. The pain control was excellent  and there was no complication what so ever. The healing was also good ..In all I was very happy and comfortable with the whole treatment.

- Ebyan Garane, US

I truly appreciate your expert handling of my various Teeth Problems caused by increased level of acidity after taking TB Medicines for 9 months plus. I applaud your dedication professional knowledge and upscale hygiene standards. I promise to improve my dental hygiene as guided by you... Many Thanks

- Nimish Desai, Pune 

A fine combination of the latest techniques with personal care. Really appreciate the follow ups. Thank you doctor...

- Shivjeet, Pune

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